Live the life you want to live

I’m here to help you be able to enjoy the activities you love and live the lifestyle you want, using our simple and convenient exercise physiology telehealth service

Your lifestyle activity goal could be something as simple as being able to play on floor with your grandkids, pottering in the garden, or walking with friends.  Or, your goal might be about the ability to continue active participation in sport, such as maintaining a regular round of golf, or game of tennis.

Whatever your lifestyle goal is, Your Exercise Prescription is about working with you on a personal exercise program that allows you do what you want, for as long as you want to do it, without discomfort, pain or fatigue.

Maybe your doctor or concerned family member has recommended you start a fitness program… maybe it’s just something you know you should do – but where do you start?  There are so many options out there!  My role is to help you start with the right activity that you will enjoy and will fit in with your life and lifestyle.

And, to make it easier for you, we are an exercise physiology telehealth service!  This means you can have your session from the comfort of your own home by simply linking in with me using your computer, tablet or phone.

what is an exercise physiology telehealth service?

As a specialist telehealth exercise physiology service provider, my job is to provide you with access to personalised exercise expertise and advice over the internet, all from the comfort of your own home!

I want to make it easy for you by eliminating the time and cost of travelling and make it far more comfortable by removing the intimidation that can come from exercising in a public space, like a gym. I regularly observe especially older people not getting the most out of their experience at a gym – what do I wear, which piece of equipment is right for me and why is it so noisy?!  And of course, in today’s COVID world, gyms have been identified as potential ‘super spreader’ locations.

I can show you how easy it is to incorporate exercise into your existing lifestyle without fear or uncertainty, and without the cost of expensive gym memberships or fancy equipment.

How am I supposed to exercise via a computer?

Don’t worry, I need my kids to help me get onto Netflix!  It sounds daunting, but I assure you it is surprisingly easy.  Once you make an appointment, you will be emailed a secure link.  Just click it at your scheduled appointment time using your smart phone or computer with camera and you’re done – easy right?

Not sure? – I have an easy-to-follow guide [below], or just give me a call on

M. 0408 066 028, and I’ll talk you through it.

Do I need an Exercise Physiologist?

What is an exercise physiologist anyway?

Accredited exercise physiologists are so much more than personal trainers.  I have completed a four-year university degree focusing on how the body works, what happens when it goes wrong and how exercise can help.  There is a lot of science!  This is great for you because I base all of my “exercise prescriptions” on evidence that clever scientists have thoroughly investigated. The science of exercise is constantly changing, and new information and research is being done every day, which is why I continue with formal professional development to find out what’s new.  I can then pass that onto you and give you the best and most up-to-date evidence-based service.

As a specialist health provider, you may be able to claim some of the cost of my services from Medicare or your Private Health Fund

A little bit about me

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"I have always been passionate about helping people age better"

My name is Kat Ma and I am a mother of two and live with my family on the sunny Gold Coast. I have been teaching Pilates since early 2000’s and have a particular passion for working with people with some sort of health issue or injury.

For 20 years as a Pilates instructor, and more recently as an accredited physiologist, I have helped people with hip and knee replacements, arthritis, and joint pain, right through to people who have Parkinson’s Disease or have suffered strokes.

I have always been passionate about helping people age better.  Every day, I see the right exercise prescription make a real difference to their quality of life.  It made people happy, and that makes me happy.

I experienced my own health challenges in 2012.  I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease known as 'Guillain-Barre', that destroyed the ability for my nervous system to communicate with my muscles.  It resulted in me being completely paralysed and hospitalised for over 6 months while I waited for my nerves to regenerate so that I could walk again.

People always ask did this change me… absolutely!  I came to realise first-hand just how valuable independence is and how hard it is to depend on other people and ask for help.  It is scary.  I strive to support your independence but can also get you in touch with the right people when it’s time to ask for help.

And now to show off my credentials

> Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (UNE) – Vice Chancellor’s Scholar Award

> Bachelor of Science (Griffith)

> Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (Polestar Pilates)

> Certificate IV in Pilates instruction (Polestar Pilates)

> Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

> Current first aid certificate

> Accredited Exercise Physiologist (ESSA)

> Accredited Exercise Scientist (ESSA)

> Trainer level 1 (PAA)

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what can I expect when we meet for the first time?

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The initial consultation is usually around 60 mins long.  We will use this time to chat about you and what you want to achieve and begin to formulate important goals that are specific and meaningful to you.   We will also gather important information about your medical and health history, and take the time to measure a few functional levels.


All this fact finding will allow me to begin to design a tailored exercise program that addresses those goals, taking into account all aspects of your health and fitness, including exercise preferences and availability of space and equipment.  We may also discuss lifestyle modification strategies if necessary.

how will i know if the suggested program is working?

On an ongoing basis, we will run a series of objective movement measurements, allowing us to track progress.   But in reality, the most important measure of success will be how my client’s feel.

What my clients pay for is my expertise.  The program we set initially will be modified, progressed or regressed in consultation with you.

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Our Telehealth Services

Initial Appointment


All new clients will have an initial appointment via video link with myself that looks a bit different to our subsequent appointments.  At the initial appointment we will chat about you and what you want to achieve and begin to formulate important goals that are specific and meaningful to you.

Session Length: 1hr
Session Cost: $120 p/h

Subsequent Appointments

During your second video link appointment, I will share with you my recommended program and walk you through it, demonstrating and guiding you through the exercises. Your personalised program will be emailed to you or, if you have a smart phone, you can download a free app which not only allows you to access your program, but allows you to view a video demonstration of each of the recommended exercises.  At subsequent appointments, we will discuss how your program is going, review your goals and provide advice and support. These sessions will vary in length depending on your individual needs.

Session Length: 30min
Session Cost: $60

Session Length: 45min
Session Cost: $85

Session Length:60min
Session Cost: $110

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